Level Zero


Cover Blurbs:

"Makes the motel in Psycho look like a Disneyland spa...This book is creepy in the best of ways." -Gojan Nikolich, author of The Gopher King

"Dan McDowell has debuted a dark and disturbed imagination..." -Jeffrey James Higgins, author of Furious: Sailing into Terror

"...an immersive journey into a terrifying world that lies just below the surface of a Texas town." -Greg Hoover, author of The Witching Of The King

"...delightfully macabre, full of sinister plot twists and layers of raw horror." -Jill Benson, author of WitchChild

The Oak Hollow Hotel stands eight stories above Riverton, Texas.

Despite not operating as such for years, a haphazard acquisition of the facility leads Chris Wilkerson down a dark path to uncover its mysteries as he forms a call-center specializing in horror stories. A sinister character lurks in an abandoned tunnel just beneath, manipulating Chris as he struggles to walk a fine line between his love for the dark and the macabre and a collapsing marriage.

Todd Adams, a manic depressive financial advisor, awakens from a coma along with 53 others, fighting to understand unexplained phantom memories that plague them. As each work to unravel their meaning, they begin to disappear into a labyrinth beneath the hotel at the torment of a bizarre captor. Discovering mutual commonality in an unresolved past, Todd works to lead them out.

Will they find the key to freedom?


Oak Hollow


Prepare for the follow-up novel to Level Zero -- Oak Hollow, slated for release with Black Rose Writing on October 28th, 2021.






"Oak Hollow teases a whirlwind of philosophy amidst a dark and vivid backdrop. Don't miss it!"-Greg Hoover, Author of The Witching of the King  

“An interesting non-genre take on the horror psychological fiction point-of-view.”-Gojan Nikolich, Author of The Gopher King

“A fascinating read. McDowell does crazy better than anyone.”-Jeff Bailey, Author of Not On My Watch


“An intelligent and surprising nail-biter… McDowell’s writing is assured and steeped in atmosphere.” –The Prairies Book Review

"Reading Dan McDowell’s atmospheric horror prose makes you want to visit Riverton again and again for its creepy happenings and bizarre goings-on." – Reader's Favorite


The ribbon’s been cut again at The Oak Hollow Hotel…

Newly hired night shift clerk, Nancy Helbens Richards, and her husband opt not to inform authorities when tragedy strikes. Carrying the burden of an estranged relationship with her mother and being one of Creeper Joe’s fifty-four victims, Nancy works to rebuild her life, ironically finding unspoken protection inside the hotel just above where she was once captive.

Wandering Riverton Statesman columnist, Vic Ramsey, puts off checking into the hotel after his colleague ends up dead writing a series of articles on the building’s storied past. Vic’s connection to the area’s forgotten Chipequa tribe leads him to uncover mysteries of the property’s mystical roots as he ventures into an incomparable realm upon check-in.

They share a common enemy. The question is why.


Swimming Pool

Pool Man

Coming July 2022 from Black Rose Writing

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