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Pre-Order Now Live... Pool Man: A Nightmare in Riverton Novel


COMING JULY 21, 2022 from Black Rose Writing

In 1991, a mysterious death at The Oak Hollow Hotel disrupts the predictable life of longtime amputee and “Pool Man,” Greg Preakle, leaving him jobless and desperate for cash.

Resorting to participate on a bizarre, high risk game show to make ends meet, Greg struggles until a new job and obnoxious boss catapult a once mundane life into a bloody mess, unlocking new meaning to past tragedy and bad habits he wants nothing to do with. With intensity rising, curiosity leads him places he should never go.

Will he crack under the pressure?


"Family dysfunction, visceral horror, social criticism, and nonstop suspense--POOL MAN has it all. I finished it in two sittings and loved every page. McDowell seamlessly combines one man's struggle to maintain his dignity with spine-tingling scenes that will make you think twice... The subtitle is 'A Nightmare in Riverton,' and that's exactly what it is: the stuff of nightmares. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be seeking out the other Riverton novels as soon as my pulse returns to normal." -Steven Rigolosi, Author of The Haunting of Kinnawe House

“Buckle up. Pool Man is delightfully unpredictable... horror at its best.” -Jeff Bailey, Author of Not on My Watch


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