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Level Zero: Available in Hardcover Now

Featured New Release, BookBub

When financial advisor Todd Adams awakens from a coma with horrifying phantom memories, he joins forces with 53 others who share his plight — and they soon begin to descend into a mysterious and sinister labyrinth beneath their Texas town’s hotel…


2021 Finalist, The Best Thriller Book Awards on

2021 Maxy Award Runner-Up - Horror

As Seen in Scream Magazine

As Featured on TaleFlick

"The premise of this project is eye-catching, exciting, and clever. This project juggles various interesting storylines and features a wonderful contained setting. The writing is creepy, atmospheric, and confident. The characters feel realistic and authentic. They are messy, imperfect people, and it's easy to root for them because they feel so real. For horror fans and thriller fans alike, this project is a strong offering."

"The Shining meets Dante's Inferno ... brimming with sinister surprises sure to keep horror fans up at night." -Best Thrillers

"Level Zero has all the makings of a really good horror story, something to get under your skin and creep you out but also not too scary that you couldn't sleep at night!" -What I'm Reading Today

"Dark and often bone-chilling, the novel generates both chills and thrills." -The Prairies Book Review

"An intriguing read for horror fans... Unreserved and disturbing, this is a gripping tale from Dan McDowell." -Readers Favorite

"Makes the motel in Psycho look like a Disneyland spa...This book is creepy in the best of ways." -Gojan Nikolich, author of The Gopher King

"Dan McDowell has debuted a dark and disturbed imagination..." -Jeffrey James Higgins, author of Furious: Sailing into Terror

" immersive journey into a terrifying world that lies just below the surface of a Texas town." -Greg Hoover, author of The Witching Of The King

"...delightfully macabre, full of sinister plot twists and layers of raw horror." -Jill Benson, author of WitchChild

"...Level Zero is destined to be a cult-classic." -Jeff Bailey, author of Not on My Watch

"...Readers may find themselves immersed in the helplessness of intense horror that can mirror the descent into darkness we all can face if we hold too tightly to our own secret vices." -Brian Jeffreys, author of Tracy Ganner Chronicles

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