I don't spam you like everybody else does, just get a free copy of Pool Man while you can.

Maybe, I'm just cranky, but I get tired of all the author newsletters going out spamming people to buy their book. I don't do that, and I won't. I write when it's important, or I actually get a free second-- which is next to never.

Today only (October 31st), Amazon is featuring my latest horror/thriller, Pool Man, for free. I hope you'll take this quirky ride for a spin. And if you find the time to review... slice it, dice it, pick it apart, or share it with a friend. It's all in good fun.



2022 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner - Fiction - Horror

"McDowell's newest nightmare is fresh, darkly funny, and deserving of every horror fan's attention."-BestThrillers.com

"Surreal, moving, and exciting at the same time, fans of John Grisham and Dean Koontz will love Pool Man. I certainly did!" -Greg Hoover, author of The Pain Killer

"Family dysfunction, visceral horror, social criticism, and nonstop suspense - Pool Man has it all... the stuff of nightmares. " -Steven Rigolosi, author of The Haunting of Kinnawe House

"Buckle up. Pool Man is delightfully unpredictable... horror at its best!" -Jeff Bailey, author of Not on My Watch

"Pool Man has a weird and wacky plot, filled with twists, turns, dark humor, and plenty of suspense." -Sublime Book Review

"A gripping, philosophical horror thriller... a moving and engaging portrait of the complexities of familial love that takes readers to the boundaries... suspenseful, and at times chilling, this dark thriller with a touch of otherworldly will keep readers on the edges of their seats." -The Prairies Book Review

"If surreal psychological thriller/horror is your jam, you'll have a blast with Pool Man. Filled with suspense, intrigue, and nail-biting thrills, Dan McDowell's uniquely twisted tale hooks you in from the get-go and refuses to let go until the end." -Readers' Favorite

"Pool Man is a roller coaster ride slip-sliding through fact and fiction at a dizzying pace... from one dangerous reality to another... Go ahead, dive into the deep end. Pool Man is going to get you." -Bill Scannell, author of The Last Taxpayer at King Henry's Faire

Creep on!


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