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26 Second Brainfreeze

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I didn’t know what happened to me. It wasn’t anything new - at least, I didn’t think it was. I sat there casually gliding back and forth in a white rocking chair on my front porch, inhaling a poorly-served helping of ice cream with no regard for anyone or anything else but myself and the amazing taste it offered.

There it was - the rush of the sugar, the coolness of the store bought soft-serve, and the crispy crunch of the semi-stale cone in my right hand.

A droplet of the sweet stuff hit the ground without warning as it baked in the summer afternoon heat. I kept telling myself over and over again it was going to be okay - I could live without that drop.

It was all just my imagination, nothing more.

In a mere moment’s time, too much of the frigid treat hit the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat in a cool rush. That’s when it hit me… sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia... or what we call, brainfreeze.

This time was different. For 26 seconds, I saw the past, the present, and the future - flashing right in front of me - leaving me with no proper way to digest the legacies breezing by, like the Revelation was to John - seeing heaven in the blink of an eye and writing it all down.

Maybe, not even so different from our own feeble attempts to document the most enchanting of dreams we hope to return to.

Back to my glimpse, not at heaven, but of earth, I was shocked, impressed, disappointed, and mesmerized in the same amount of time it takes to wash and dry my hands at the sink.

Under normal circumstances, the associated pain in my head is so unnerving and uncomfortable, it makes me want to clench my eyes shut as long as possible until it passes. Today, I resisted the urge to keep my peepers closed and instead looked around. That’s when I realized what I’d been missing all along... the very thing that happened every other time I’d gotten to this point with my eyes clenched tight.

Brainfreeze - a portal to a realm that goes beyond the present - transcending all of time.

I saw the property just beneath in its original form - God’s very hands, cultivating and tending to it, all the while nurturing and forming the rest of the world in a way my simple words could do no justice.

A ruthless flood washed it all away...

There was a flash of the natives of this land, long before my ancestors ever arrived - hunting for their very own in a breathtaking, reborn wilderness I‘ll never know.

A slew of tanks and soldiers passed by on the nearby highway. It must have been World War II time frame.

My home was there in a much earlier form. Generations of children playing in the same yard I now call my own - its trees in their youth standing with a scenery quite different than the present.

Before I could take in any more, a rush of fire overtook the sky and the land. There were no more homes, no more trees, or any other common man…

Instead, there’s a new heaven, and a new earth - free of evil, perfect and lush with the Holy Master's touch.

And then, that’s when I get back to square one, looking all around, in awe of the world I’ve just seen... in little more than a 26 second brainfreeze.

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