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On Level Zero

Level Zero is essentially the "pilot episode" into a universe of stories, characters, and locations that need further exploration. As a debut novel, the reader walks through an eclectic variety of the psychological, the unexplained, and the bizarre with an offbeat humor and cynical outlook. The lenses through which the characters see the world is jaded by the darkness of Riverton, Texas, and a strongly-influenced commonality by its troubled past.

Have you ever been to an old town that gives you that vibe?

It's in the water... so they say.

Detective Neil Penske describes this effect well… “Riverton’s a depressed place – a miserable town with dark secrets that silently eat away, wearing us all to pathetic states of mind.”

More can be learned on the Oak Hollow Hotel in my interview with Elena Taylor.

I'm looking forward to sharing the spiritual successor to Level Zero, Oak Hollow, with interested parties. For those interested in an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy), please send an e-mail to me at


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